Aneel Nazareth

1310 Crestwood Rd, Austin TX
(415) 425-1861

Recent Experience

Confluent, Austin TX, June 2019-Present

Principal Software Engineer, working on the Platform Security team to build features that keep our customers' data safe.

Keywords: Kafka, Java, Security, Role Based Access Control

RetailMeNot, Austin TX, March 2014-May 2019

Data Science Team, August 2016-May 2019

Principal Software Engineer, leading a group of software engineers, data scientists, analysts, and quality engineers

Keywords: Python, Apache Spark, Databricks, Big Data, Machine Learning, Scala, AWS Elastic Map Reduce
Software Engineering
Business Impact
Inclusion & Workplace Culture
Mentorship & Recruiting

Core Business Team, March 2014-August 2016

Staff Software Engineer, led RetailMeNot's Core Business Algorithms team

Keywords: Python, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, AWS, Docker, MySQL, PHP
Software Development
Production Support

Data For Democracy, Feb 2017-Dec 2018

Selected Other Experience

Independent Software Development, 2009-2014

Designed, coded, and released iOS and MacOS X applications

Keywords: Swift, Cocoa Touch, iOS, Core Data, MacOS X, San Francisco CA, 2005-2009

Created backend for multiplayer gaming and chat. Games included poker, billiards, and real-time 3D naval combat

Keywords: Java, Python, Networking, Service Discovery / AOL Streaming Operations, San Francisco CA, 1999-2000, 2002-2004

Developed server software for Internet radio. Managed large cluster of servers. Created system for service monitoring

Keywords: Java, Perl, Streaming Music, RRD, System Administration, Linux, Solaris

MIT Campus Wide Information Systems, Cambridge MA, 1996-1997

Created the first web campus map of MIT. Maintained the official MIT web pages

Keywords: Perl, CGI, GIS/Mapping


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA, 1994-1998

Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics with Computer Science (18C)

Work/Life Balance

Geometric Art

Projects animations on the surface of a purpose-built geodesic dome using Processing: Github, Instructables


Visited over 50 Countries and 45 States: 10,000mi by car from London to Mongolia, 30,000mi by motorcycle around the US, Canada, and Mexico. Explores mapping, data collection, and location technologies

Last updated March 2021