Aneel Nazareth

Hi, I'm Aneel. I'm a software developer. I've worked on a wide variety of projects, ranging from low level code on obscure graphics processors to large scale data processing across clusters of machines. I've made forays into database access, web development, online games, mobile apps, and devops tooling. I'm comfortable writing code that you hold in your hand and code that runs in the cloud in datacenters around the world.

For the last few years, I've been working with a Security team, designing and building features that help keep our customers' data safe. Whether it's Audit Logging for our on-prem customers or Role Based Access Control for our fully-managed cloud offering, I've helped plan the architecture and code it up.

I excel at understanding both the business goals and engineering constraints of a project, which lets me translate between domain experts and technical specialists. I communicate in ways that respect my audience, but don't assume they share a particular jargon. Communication is key: sometimes an elegant technical solution doesn't address the right business problem, or the business goals need to be tweaked to reduce technical complexity. I can help find the sweet spots where we can deliver real value.

I strive to improve the quality of the codebases I work with, making them more efficient and more comprehensible. I advocate for careful naming, thorough testing, up-to-date documentation, and code reviews. I want to make sure that code that seems obvious to the person who wrote it is also clear to someone who'll read it in the future. That someone is often me. I'm frequently called in to figure out whether an old or complex piece of code does what it's supposed to, so I've learned the value of investing in maintainability.

I enjoy working with a diverse, tightly-knit, collaborative team, on projects with broad impact across an organization. I like working with expert peers to design big systems, and find it rewarding to help less experienced engineers get to the core of a problem, and discover the tools that will help them solve it.

I currently live in Austin, Texas and am not looking to relocate, but am open to remote work on the right team.

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